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Ultimate Alliance II

Shit! I wish I had come up with a cool intro statement like 1up (and my buddy P.K.) when they posted the “leak” about the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. The story that originally broke via Kotaku mentions over 20 playable characters, “including the Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Venom, and Human Torch.” The story will be set withing the “Civil War” period which Mr. Kollar describes as “in this story, superheroes throughout the Marvel universe are forced to register with S.H.I.E.L.D. if they want to keep fighting crime. The heroes end up splitting into two groups — pro-registration, led by Iron Man, and anti-registration, headed by Captain America — and the player will be able to choose which side they fight on in M:UA2.

The Civil War mini-series ran during the summer of 2006 which if you suck at math is two years ago. I’m guessing Activision decided that the sequel to a good game with a crappy story should also have a crappy story that comes from a crappy series of comic books. If you ask me Activision is going to encounter more problems than gamers hating the story if this game is exactly like its predecessor.

History time, kids. The original X-Men Legends game came out in 2004 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance came out in 2006. Can you tell me what is different about these two games? The only difference between the two is that Marvel Ultimate Alliance had more superheroes to choose from. The game still has that stupid Baldur’s Gate/ Diablo style camera and i’m sick of it. Activision and Raven Software are just to lazy to spend time recreating these historic Marvel comic locations and instead i’m spending 12+ hours staring at the damn floor.

That is the reason why superhero games are 95% of the time a piece of crap. The games already come with expectations from fans and instead of trying to meet those expectations and the developer just gets lazy and shortcuts their way to easy profit. Have some balls this time Raven and Activision because eventually gamers will catch on to your “tricks.”


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