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My Unintentional Love For Capcom

Today was the day. GameStop’s big Game Days Sale where certain products were 50% off. So I drove down to the local GameStop that used to be the EB Games that I worked at and picked up two PSP games. Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max for $9.99 and Monster Hunter 2: Freedom for $19.99. When I got home I realized I picked up two Capcom games and was shocked. I’m not really a fan of Capcom to be honest despite my love for Alpha 3 and i’ll tell you why. They do a piss-poor job of developing their “next-gen” titles for SD televisions and it really bothers me. I would of loved to play Dead Rising back when it came out but the text in that game was so hard to read I would get a migraine.

I checked Capcom’s website to see what upcoming games are going to be released on the 360 and PS3 and all they really have is the new Bionic Commando game and Street Fighter IV. Neither of these games are text heavy so it should be ok. Basically, what I want to know is if Capcom is in the wrong for not making their games easier to read on standard-def T.V’s or should I just suck it up and buy and HDTV?


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You can’t give it up! Triumph or Die!

Welcome to Triumph or Die! a new gaming blog that will report on all facets of the game industry. Obviously, with the two pictures in this blog you know where I got the name for the blog. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my favorite fighting game of all time (second is Marvel vs. Capcom 2) and the other picture shows the only character I have used since his debut in Super Street Fighter II.

Not only will we be talking games here at Triumph or Die! but also the games industry and how it affects us as gamers. Sometimes the industry needs to be called out by the consumer and we will defiantly not have our voice silenced by anyone. My promise to you as a reader of my blog and a fellow gamer is that I will always put you first and do whatever it takes to get the info you want to hear about.

Also, I will be writing about my attempts to break into the games journalism industry for “realz” and become more than just a blogger. It’s not that I have anything against blogs like Kotaku or Joystiq , but I want to help make the title “game journalist” not be a dirty word within the industry.

In conclusion, I really hope you enjoyed the first official post here at Triumph or Die! and by the end of the week I will have a whole list of gaming sites I read on a regular basis. If you have any question or would like to see something covered on the site you can contact me by leaving a comment on my blog or e-mailing me at joshiepoo22@gmail.com. Thanks, and have a great day.

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