The Video Game Revolution

It’s funny that today is Memorial Day and we are talking about a revolution. It’s funny how the enthusiast gaming press tells us that games should be classified as art but they act like immature kids when it comes to the Jack Thompson situation. This is why your news section is shit you fail to comprehend the gravity of the situation that presents itself when you do something like never say his name on your podcasts and news stories. Honestly, I can never take a media outlet seriously when they fail to cover the story correctly. It’s not cute that you proceeded to use J___ T_______ in a weekly round-up news story. I’m hoping the newly acquired news editor Phillip Kollar adds some class to that place. Kat your awesome don’t worry.

Anyways, back to the revolution. I was checking out digg today and saw that Seth Schiesel wrote a article on the creater of Wii Fit and the grand-poobah of all thing Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto (known as “shiggy” to us at Triumph or Die.) Schiesel says that Miyamoto is the Walt Disney of our time and I completely agree. Everything that Disney did back in his time is the same exact thing the Nintendo senior managing director is doing in this day and age.

The second part of this revolution was posted on Kotaku editor Leigh Alexander’s blog Sexy Videogameland. This video (which will be posted below) talks about sex in video games and how games will never be taken seriously until we properly display sex in our games. Of course, there is still room for Itagaki’s DOA girls, but it needs to be handled more maturely which seems to be a common theme among the gaming industry. Anyway, check out Ms. Alexander’s blog cause it is awesome.


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