Games I want to see on Virtual Console. (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Ah, the Snes. A console that epitomizes the 90’s because it has the word super in it. You wouldn’t catch a videogame system with the word super in it these days. Super X-Box 720? Super Playstation 3.5? Anyways, on with the list.

King of the Monsters: Now i’ll admit that the Neo Geo version is much better than the Snes or Genesis game, but who the hell had a Neo Geo back in the day, I mean come on. The first time I saw this game was on Nickelodeon’s Nick Arcade and if you don’t remember then check this out.

NBA Jam: Boomshakalaka! Is what you heard on every school playground across the country in 1994 when this game was released. The only knock against it (which they corrected in the sequel Tournament Edition) is that it lacks the big head mode feature.

Breath of Fire: My first foray into the RPG genre. If you combined Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest with a dash of furries you get Breath of Fire. Not the best RPG on the Snes but defiantly in the top 10. The sequel is already on Virtual Console so I imagine this game isn’t far away.

WWF Royal Rumble: My first wrestling game. The game had a wrestler called Mr. Perfect. Enough said!

Killer Instinct: I want this on virtual console just so people can stop telling me this game is better than Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. This game is shit and you know it. And I have a high tolerance for shitty games.

Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage: Great game. Tough as shit. Never got passed that rooftop level that is show in the picture. I’d like to see Separation Anxiety as well but I won’t add it to the list.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time: Side-scrolling beat ’em ups are my niche and Turtles in Time is one of the best. Do you know how bad ass Oroku Saki is? Dude steals the Statue of Liberty. That’s metal.

Chrono Trigger: It’s nice to want things.

Secret of Mana: Once again, nice to want things.


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