Games I want to see on Virtual Console. (Nintendo Entertainment System)

As I was looking around the Wii’s virtual console I noticed a bunch of games from my childhood that were missing. Games that I obsessed over because back in the day it was rare when I would get a new game to play. The only times I would get something new would be my birthday, Christmas, or borrowing from a friend. That led me to want to write about the games I would love to see on V.C. and figured I mine as well break it down by system.

Hogan’s Alley: This game should defiantly show up on virtual console as long as you can use either the Wii-Mote or the Wii-Zapper to play the game.

Yo! Noid: Avoid the Noid! I barely remember this awesomely weird mascot of Domino’s pizza back in the 80’s. This is a game I never owned but would always play it when I hung out with my cousin who lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana which was about two hours away from me. It’s possible I just want to see this game again cause I never spent any quality time with it.

R.C. Pro-Am: Not as good as Ivan Stewart’s Off-Road Racing but a nice substitute.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: In my best Jeff Gerstmann voice “dude, it’s got Kevin Costner!”

Little Nemo: The Dream Master: Loved the anime, loved the game. This game kicked my butt worse than BattleToads back in the day. I always fell victim to the infamous snail with spikes on his shell.


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