WoW-Gasm! Part II (The Gasm Strikes Back)

More news coming straight from Blizzard HQ via where Tigole (Jeff Kaplan) and Kalgan (Tom Chilton) discuss specific quests in WOTLK.

  • “There’s this whole quest chain in Howling Fjord where you learn how to train falcons. You do a number of quests where you get a falcon pet and you send it out and it has to kill things and then come back to you; you learn the basic controls of the falcon. Then it has this great climax where you get to go to the edge of the cliff and actually control the falcon from his point of view and then you have to steal these eggs that are down on a cliff that are heavily protected.”
  • “There’s another quest where you get to assume the form of an iron golem and there are these huge jump pad runes all over a very vertical… it’s in Howling Fjord, that zone with the huge cliff walls… there are these runes all over the cliff wall and you get to control this iron golem as he’s doing these giant jumps up and down the cliff walls to give you a more visceral, gamey, platformey feel to it.”
  • “The Dalaran wizards here play a major role that ties into one of the early dungeons called the Nexus. First you have to do a few chores for them, like a quest to capture an enemy magic user and drag him back to the Dalaran camp. There’s then a torture sequence where you repeatedly zap the prisoner with lightning bolts from a special quest item until he cracks and divulges information necessary for the quest to continue.”
  • Blizzard also mentioned you’ll able to fly around in planes and have you pick up passengers or pick them off, as well as fly around in helicopters, pick up and deliver cargo, and parachute out.

I also found this awesome 9:27 video of the WOTLK gameplay and has a detailed summary of what your seeing.


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