Top Ten Lists are Overrated

Have you ever looked at a Men’s Health magazine while waiting for the doctor? Neither have I, but if you are as tired of “Top Ten” lists as I am, I’m here to educate you about which major American cities have the most deadliest drunks, where Baton Rouge ranks in a certain category (not drunkest city in America) and why these lists are completely irrelevant.

According to, the city with the most deadliest drunks in America is Denver. I totally believe this to be true simply because the Broncos (That’s a football team for you non-sports types) have been terrible ever since John Elway left.

The second city in this category is Anchorage and, not to knock Alaska, but I wouldn’t know anything else to do in the A.K. except drink. By the way, the least deadliest drunk city in America is Durham, N.C., home of my pick to win the NCAA tournament, Duke. According to Men’s Health, Baton Rouge is ranked No. 1 in cities with the lowest annual alcohol liver disease death rate. Might as well be first in something, I say.

By now I bet you are tired of hearing about this list aren’t you? To spite all things Top Ten, I will give you three reasons you should never pay attention to another list again. The most obvious reason is that whoever is doing this list couldn’t cut it when it comes to writing a relevant article, so they had to rank things such as drunkest city in America, fittest and fattest cities for kids, and America’s best cities for men.

Another reason is that these lists shouldn’t decide your life for you, but some people probably let them. The last reason is that Top Ten lists are only good for making you laugh (See Letterman’s Top Ten).

Well, I hope by reading this article you gain a better understanding of why Top Ten lists are overrated and you should just avoid them at all costs.

Originally Published in Tiger Weekly Issue 601 – March 26. 2008


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