A Night of Originality with Highlines & Oh Juliet

At the Caterie on April 26, patrons will be entertained by two bands that have a style all their own and continually put out original and honest music. Both the Highlines and Oh Juliet have different ways of approaching music but end up with the same outcome. Both bands make you want to clap your hands along with the beat.

What drives the Highlines musically is the lack of something different around Baton Rouge and trying to appeal to every genre, while Oh Juliet guitarist Patrick Trumps says this about their drive.

“When I joined this band two years ago, they instilled upon my brain the words ‘outside the box,’” said Trumps. “When [Oh Juliet] first started out, they wrote songs that were WAY left field. After recording with Eric Bass twice, he kind of dragged us more to the center … but still appreciated our songwriting for what it is … so, when people ask what kind of music we play, I tend to always reply, ‘it’s a little left of center.’”

Baton Rouge is becoming a major destination for bands on tour who want to experience an energized crowd on a nightly basis. Highlines have lived in both Baton Rouge and Los Angeles while traveling all over the country.

“Baton Rouge, unlike Los Angeles, doesn’t have an over saturation of bands. This town has potential of becoming a great music scene with a couple of good venues and a great young energetic crowd,” said Highlines lead vocalist/bassist Johnny Clancy.

Coming from Lafayette, Oh Juliet has recently caught the attention of the Baton Rouge crowd and Trumps talks directly about his experience and why he enjoys playing in this town.

“Baton Rouge is unlike any other crowd we’ve played in front of, for the most part. Some cities, all it takes is one performance and you’ve won the crowd over,” said Trumps. “With Baton Rouge, it took quite a few shows before people started getting it. We’ve played countless shows with our best buds in Meriwether. I think their fan base is one of the most dedicated that I’ve ever seen. I’m just glad that they accept our music as worth a clap or a cheer.”

You always hear about crazy stories from the road when the band finally gets home. Danny Prince (drums) from Highlines had his front tooth chip off and fall out. He super-glued it back on. As of right now, the piece of tooth is currently missing in action. Another fun fact about Highlines is that they don’t tour the country in a van like most bands. This three-piece band travels from gig to gig in a Dodge Dakota. They have driven from Louisiana to Los Angeles and back in this truck.

This is the third time Oh Juliet and the Highlines have played together and something that I personally enjoy hearing about is bands talking about other bands they play with. So, I asked both Highlines and Oh Juliet what they thought about each other and got some really exciting answers.

Highlines described Oh Juliet as a modern, inventive band with great songs and energy. A member from Oh Juliet had this to say about Highlines: “Every time we play with Highlines, they blow me away. They raise the bar in their songwriting and performing every time. They’re an exciting band to watch.”

You can check out both of these bands on their MySpace pages and on April 26, Adam Dale will have a solo acoustic set before both of these bands get on stage, so get there early.

Originally published in Tiger Weekly Issue 605 – April 23, 2008


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