A Little Less Talk, a lot More Action

“The Forbidden Kingdom” has two of the best kung-fu actors in film today. Both Jet Li and Jackie Chan have had terrible co-stars in previous films (most notably Chris Tucker and rapper DMX) but team up in this movie to finally give us a martial arts movie that we can get into.

Wait, didn’t Jet Li retire from doing movies? Actually, Jet just retired from making movies that promote messages about the philosophy of Martial Arts.

This flick is perfect for this time of year when there just hasn’t been a good reason to visit the movies. It’s a kung-fu movie that gives you a reminder you go to a movie to be entertained just when you start to believe it’s taking itself too seriously. Most of the funny parts of the movie come from Jet Li’s character Monkey King, who, as you probably guessed, acts like a monkey.

The movie does a great job of throwing in tons of action scenes and rarely do you get a dialogue-only moment until about an hour in. With this in mind, if you don’t like action movies that barely have a plot, then this might not be the movie for you. “The Forbidden Kingdom” doesn’t try and be something it’s not and ends up being the best action movie so far this year.

The sad thing about the movie is that if you missed it on opening weekend then it will get overlooked with “Harold & Kumar” coming out this Friday and then “Iron Man” the following week. It really sucks that a movie this entertaining will end up being swept under the rug by movies that might not live up to the original or is over hyped.

“The Forbidden Kingdom” is rated PG-13 and definitely deserves a lot more love than it’s currently given by critics. The fact that it’s a funny action movie without the forced humor of major action flicks justifies why I’m rating this movie a B+.

Originally Published in Tiger Weekly Issue 605 – April 23, 2008


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